HELMRIG is Working very closely with an external Recycling company John Cooper Recycling we are also able to offer the most competitive service for total organic waste clearance; removing woodchip, timbers, logs, roots and brash

The Green Waste then gets processed through a shredder and screener then left to rot down to create compost, this then can be reused on site

Reducing Waste, looking after the environment, reusing a waste material thus reducing our client Carbon Footprint


We can supply our clients with Core timber ready for Firewood


Core Timber for Renewable Energy


Woodchip Renewable Energy or for mulching Shrub beds



This can be of different grades and an ideal substitute for more expensive Bark Mulch



This is a coarse compost suitable for land leveling under turf etc, or as a mulch on shrub beds




Bespoke quotes are more suitable, as they differ according to the site and it is recommended that a site visit is arranged.

We supply Developers and Renewable energy companies with our product on a regular basis

Easy access yards for ease of maneuvering of wagons

Bulk loads available for delivery

For more details contact us